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The team at Bio-Life are real people who bring and entirely new meaning to the word professional. They are not talking heads on a commercial.  They know their patients, they know our community and they know what works for the individual.  They do not have the cookie cutter concept offered by many big city wellness programs.  They are not there to "sell you". They are there to guide and coach you. They invest in you as their patient. Why waster your time and money traveling our of area when we have this amazing team right in our own hometown?  For those of you out of Camden, they are worth driving to see.  Don't take my word for it, let the pictures tell you the story, 


After my knee surgery and being sedentary for several months, I came to Bio-Life for help with weight loss.  Originally I came to talk about Healthy Tracks, a medically monitored weight loss program, but that day, Kathy was there.  She and I had a conversation about her success on HCG.  She answered my thousands of questions and talked to me about expectations.  I never thought I would have the discipline to be successful on HCG, but with Kathy's support (she even found recipes for me and my finicky taste buds!), her willingness to talk about my concerns, her ability to see me as a person, not just a number on a scale and her commitment to me as her patient, I have successfully lost over 50 pounds.  Talk about life changing! 


Why would you travel 30 or 40 minutes to a company out of state or further up the interstate when we have such an amazing group of people right here in our hometown?  The services they provide are life changing!  I have used both their cosmetic services and healthy track products.  All my life, I have suffered from rosacea.  Dark and painful redness and blotchiness.  The dermatolgolist finally got the rosacea under control with medicine, however, the damage was already done to my skin.  My dermatologist told me the best procedure for me was ILP which of course my insurance doesn't cover.  I met with the team and Bio-Life and they have me a conprehensive plan on changing my skin.  They were kind and patient.  They discussed my fears and apprehension, my lack of pain tolerance.  They walked me through the entire procedure so I would be completely comfortable when I made my decision.  They were honest about my expected results and they did not offer unrealistic expectations. They were thoughtful and caring and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable during the procedures.  The (before and after) pictures speak for themselves.  After just a few treatments, the marks from my rosacea were completely gone. I was more than pleased with the results and I receive compliments all the time about how I "look so much younger" or how I "look so great". 

A Very Happy Bio-Life Client

How do you write and acceptable recommendation for someone who has changed your life?  I is next to impossible to adequately explain how important the people at Bio-Life are to me.  They are not just business people, they are not just medical professionals, they are individuals who care about the people they service.  To them it is a calling, a service to make people's lives better.  And because of these amazing people, not only do I look better, but I feel better!  They work with the indvidual, the whole person, to make sure you're doing what is best for you and what's healthy for your body.  They make you feel like an important part of what they do, not just a number, 

A Happy Bio-Life Client

Testimonials from Our Clients

For the past 8 years, Bio-Life has been my skins best friend!  I am constantlky asked what I use on my face and neck.  My answer to all is Bio-Life MD's estheticians with chemical peels, laser treatments and skin care products.

And now my new secret is Botox!

Gail Eaton, RN